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How Cannabinoids Kill Cancer

How exactly does cannabis kill such a wide variety of cancer? Well, there are many mechanisms of action considering the scope and density of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

One important and specific way this occurs, called an apoptotic pathway, has to do with the relationship between cancer and cannabinoids. Cancer cells have receptors on the surface of their membranes that receive certain cannabinoids, like THC. When these receptors are activated by a cannabinoid, it causes the cancer cell to produce a chemical called ceramide. The buildup of this chemical shuts down the mitochondria of the cancer cell. It actively inhibits many of cancer’s pro-survival pathways by stressing the cell’s nucleus, disrupting calcium metabolism, disabling the cancer cell’s digestive system, etc. The cancer cell membrane then ruptures and it dies; it should be noted that cannabinoids protect, nourish, and proliferate healthy cells while destroying cancer cells.


Cannabis-kills-cancer-03So there you have it, an explanation down to the cellular biochemical level about how cannabis RSO with a potent cannabinoid profile, when used at the appropriate doses and decarboxylated, leaves cancer with no possibility of survival.


Sources By Dennis Hill – Biochemist, Cancer Researcher

Cannabis Medicine

Cannabinoids, the Secret Ingredient in Breast Milk


From the time when you are in the womb, till the day you die, cannabinoids are a vital and all-pervading part of your life. Cannabinoids protect crucial developmental processes, they encourage the growth and maintenance of healthy cells while protecting them from toxin related damage, they ensure the body stays in homeostasis, etc. In other words, cannabinoids ensure that you have a healthy body. Their role does not stop there; they also destroy harmful cells, both your own mutated cells and harmful environmental microbes.

Cannabinoids stimulate homeostatic growth and regeneration of the body’s tissues. This includes, especially, the brain. You may have heard that we produce our own cannabinoids; it is a vital part of what keeps us alive and healthy. We call these cannabinoids endogenous cannabinoids, but from the first day you are born, you start receiving a concentrated exogenous (outside) cannabinoid source,  from your mother.

baby_child_cute_female_happy_kid_mom_mother-978445These cannabinoids protect you as an infant and make sure you stay healthy and have the best start in life. They are especially important through your early developmental years. They homeostatically regulate everything in your body. To be deficient means to be at greater risk of infection, more prone to developmental delays and malfunction, autoimmune disorders, mood and cognitive disorders, cancer, etc. Therefore it is essential that an infant receive an exogenous source of cannabinoids, ideally from the child’s mother or a wet-nurse.

Migraines, IBS, general inflammation, allergies, etc are signs of endogenous cannabinoid deficiency. Basically, if the body is not obtaining a sufficient homeostatic state, the cannabinoid system should be boosted. This is done through proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and an exogenous cannabinoid intake.

By prohibiting cannabinoids and cannabis from a population, you are waging genocide on and maiming that population. Indeed, we are living in a true Orwellian tyranny, and it has been ongoing for 80 years now.


They do not want us to be healthy because we make the corrupt mainstream medical industry more money when we are sick, but even more than that, they do not want us to be independent. If we are dependent on them, they hold power over us. They, like any parasite, want to keep their host weak and helpless. This tyranny must come to an end as soon as possible to stop all of the unnecessary suffering and death.

Cannabis must be decriminalized! Unlike caffeine, alcohol, OTC and Rx medications, red meats, tobacco, etc, there are no harmful or devastating health effects from the hyper-moderate to heavy use of cannabis. Cannabinoid signaling is essential to healthy stress adaptation. The amount of good that would come from its decriminalization would be absolutely staggering.

Cannabinoids are found in all mammalian milk but don’t go thinking that you are getting any from the milk you buy at the store because those cannabinoids are destroyed through the pasteurization process. I figure this is an untold reason they are so against raw milk. These cannabinoids are essential to our wellbeing, and they help ensure we do not see an early grave.

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The Cannabis Cure Restoration Foundation

Cannabis Medicine

The Censoring of Cannabis Medicine

I know this must not be a tangible concept to the low-level censors, but by restricting these truths you are engaging in genocide. This is not hyperbole, and if you do not know this, you will once you take some time to study your own endocannabinoid system. The group of people being targeted do not belong to any particular nation or ethnic group; these are sick people of all stripes and creeds who could be easily cured by cannabinoid therapy.

They are not only suppressing and withholding cannabis medicine from the most vulnerable, they are actively promoting dangerous alternatives: pharmaceutical poisons and unnecessary surgical procedures. I would like to believe this isn’t about money and power, but it is. You who knowingly orchestrated this global humanitarian disaster will pay for your crimes. In the meantime, I have dedicated my life to getting this knowledge out into the public mind. I want nothing more than to remove as many victims from the web of the corrupt medical|pharmaceutical|industrial complex as possible, but because they are so powerful, they have infiltrated and corrupted governments around the world. In spite of this, I will still carry on.

Below you will find a passionate message and meme I wrote about Google for not promoting this page. I know they are not the only ones involve in this cover-up, but they are one of the biggest purveyors of information in the world, so they are naturally my primary target.

So I’m trying to promote the Cannabis Cure Restoration Foundation’s website to try and get the truth about cannabis and cannabinoids out to those who need it, and Google blocks my efforts again. I might not be so sore about it if it wasn’t for the fact that they are more than happy to promote dangerous pharmaceutical poisons to the very people I’m trying to help. Why are your high paying pharma clients so worried about a little competition? It’s because they know that their patented billion dollar abominations will fall like a snowman in the Mojave on a hot summer day when stood up against cannabis medicine. A natural plant anyone can grow… Sounds like just the thing that will put your corrupt pharmaceutical racket out of business. You know, people are going to be pretty pissed when these crimes against humanity come out into the light…


Thank you for taking the time to visit the CCRF’s page. I know the truth will win in the end; we can speed it up and reduce unnecessary suffering by actively participating in its promotion. Please share this information and tell people about this organization.

Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp is a natural solution to the pollution that synthetic materials cause. No need to drill into the earth when you can get all the resources you need by planting a seed.

“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”
-Henry Ford

I have recently added a new page to the website discussing some of the different uses of industrial hemp. Feel free to check it out; it is loaded with links to help you further your knowledge.

Cannabis Medicine · Industrial Hemp

The Cannabis Cure Restoration Foundation

The purpose of the CCRF is simply to inform and inspire.

-To inform the public of the many uses of cannabis, especially its curative properties that can heal literally hundreds of illnesses, including terminal ones.

-To expose the fraud and malicious criminality of cannabis prohibition, and how it has cost and is costing the lives of our loved ones.

-To inspire you to learn more, and spread this life-saving knowledge.

-To inspire a revolution of truth that no force of ignorance can reverse.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Together we can and will make a difference.

This page is dedicated to the countless whose lives could have been saved by the powerful healing properties of cannabis. To our lost family and friends.