Cannabis Medicine

The Censoring of Cannabis Medicine

I know this must not be a tangible concept to the low-level censors, but by restricting these truths you are engaging in genocide. This is not hyperbole, and if you do not know this, you will once you take some time to study your own endocannabinoid system. The group of people being targeted do not belong to any particular nation or ethnic group; these are sick people of all stripes and creeds who could be easily cured by cannabinoid therapy.

They are not only suppressing and withholding cannabis medicine from the most vulnerable, they are actively promoting dangerous alternatives: pharmaceutical poisons and unnecessary surgical procedures. I would like to believe this isn’t about money and power, but it is. You who knowingly orchestrated this global humanitarian disaster will pay for your crimes. In the meantime, I have dedicated my life to getting this knowledge out into the public mind. I want nothing more than to remove as many victims from the web of the corrupt medical|pharmaceutical|industrial complex as possible, but because they are so powerful, they have infiltrated and corrupted governments around the world. In spite of this, I will still carry on.

Below you will find a passionate message and meme I wrote about Google for not promoting this page. I know they are not the only ones involve in this cover-up, but they are one of the biggest purveyors of information in the world, so they are naturally my primary target.

So I’m trying to promote the Cannabis Cure Restoration Foundation’s website to try and get the truth about cannabis and cannabinoids out to those who need it, and Google blocks my efforts again. I might not be so sore about it if it wasn’t for the fact that they are more than happy to promote dangerous pharmaceutical poisons to the very people I’m trying to help. Why are your high paying pharma clients so worried about a little competition? It’s because they know that their patented billion dollar abominations will fall like a snowman in the Mojave on a hot summer day when stood up against cannabis medicine. A natural plant anyone can grow… Sounds like just the thing that will put your corrupt pharmaceutical racket out of business. You know, people are going to be pretty pissed when these crimes against humanity come out into the light…


Thank you for taking the time to visit the CCRF’s page. I know the truth will win in the end; we can speed it up and reduce unnecessary suffering by actively participating in its promotion. Please share this information and tell people about this organization.

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